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Plas Dolguog, nestled in the heart of Wales just a mile outside Machynlleth, is a breathtaking country mansion. This remarkable guest house not only offers a place to stay, but also serves as an exceptional venue for hosting weddings and events. 

Perched upon the Dyfi Valley, with the majestic foothills of Snowdonia framing its vista, Plas Dolguog offers unparalleled views that captivate the senses. Its rich history traces back to the 6th Century, evidenced by the oldest dwelling found on this site. 

The current house, constructed in the 1500s, showcases a varied architectural style, adorned with numerous original features. Additionally, thoughtfully designed extensions from 1750 further enhance the splendor of this building. 

Plas Dolguog now stands as a Manor House of exquisite proportions, providing a haven for inspiration, relaxation, and an appreciation of nature’s beauty.

Experience the splendour of Plas Dolguog

a 16th century mansion nestled in the foothills of Snowdonia.